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Fights whole-body inflammation and oxidative stress to help relieve pain so you can live in comfort. Plus, scientific research shows curcumin helps:

  • Reduces Aches & Discomforts 
  • Improves Joint Mobility 
  • Alleviates Digestive Problems
  • Enhances Brain Health
  • Optimizes Heart Health


What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is the world renowned active compound that is found within the turmeric root. For thousands of years, it has been used as treatment in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

Curcumin both antioxidant-rich and a powerful daily supplement for promoting a healthy inflammation response in the body.

To get the full benefits of curcumin however, it must be water soluble, nano granulated, and partnered with the right blend of support ingredients to improve it's bio-availability and maximize results.


Curcumin's biggest challenge is bioavailability.

We have solved that problem better than everyone!

Ok, you now know that curcumin has some seriously impressive health benefits, but if you've been doing your homework, then you probably also know that curcumin ALONE is poorly absorbed by the body - making bioavailability a MAJOR issue. 

Bioavailability is the amount of a substance that actually enters your bloodstream so you get the health benefits you're looking for. Without it you're just wasting your money.


Ora Botanicals Solved The Problem

The World's First Water-Soluble 100% Clean & Natural Curcumin

After years of research we've finally solved the problem of how to get Curcumin to be absorbed without using toxins or synthetics like the other curcumin supplement companies.

Our 100% natural proprietary process reduces turmerics large clumps to water-soluble nano particles, accompanied by synergistic plant-based digestive aids and super foods that further improve absorption by the body - all without heat, toxins, or synthetics.


And Made The Natural Power Of Curcumin Even Better!

Ora Botanicals has discovered the unique, holistic system for making curcumin more bioavailable than any other Curcumin Supplement on Earth.

We figured out the key to giving you full access to all of those health benefits without the negative synthetics other companies use.

Ora Botanicals Liquid Curcumin comes in a beautiful tasty liquid form you will squirt into water or any of your favorite delicious drinks.  

Some of our customers love putting it into their hot coffee or tea!

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Curcumin Helps to Fight Free Radical Damage and Inflammation in the Body!

Just 1 or 2 services per day of our Liquid Gold puts you back in control of your body, brain and how you age. Enhance your life right now - look and feel years younger!

  • Promotes Comfort & Flexibility
    Studies have shown that curcumin may work by reducing certain key inflammation-promoting enzymes in the body. In some studies curcumin performed well in promoting comfort and flexibility without the side-effects; providing a natural supplement alternative. Athletes and weekend warriors alike are also using it for muscle and joint health recovery, too.
  • Supports Healthy Joints
    Antioxidants play a role in keeping our joints healthy. Your body uses antioxidants to combat free radicals. Free radicals are unstable particles that are created as a result of millions of chemical reactions in the body. They can cause oxidative stress and damage on a cellular level. When scientists examine the blood and joint fluid of patients that are suffering with joint discomfort, often times there is an increased activity of free radicals and lower levels of antioxidants. Curcumin being rich in antioxidants, can give you a healthy supply.
  • Age-Reducing Beauty - Skin, Hair, and Body
    Curcumin, being a very powerful natural antioxidant, helps reduce and neutralize free radicals, which damage and destroy your cells and DNA causing accelerated aging. Since most aging disorders are driven by oxidative stress, this makes curcumin a very important daily supplement for aging adults.   
  • Healthy Immune Balance
    Your immune system is a network of various organs, tissues, and cells that work together to protect your body. Curcumin not only helps to enhance the responses of certain antibodies and cells within the immune system but may also help downregulate the expression of certain proinflammatory substances.
  • Promotes Cardio Health
    A healthy heart consists of many factors, especially eating healthy and routine exercise. Adding curcumin as part of your healthy diet may have many benefits to protect your heart. Oxidized LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) particles (that have been disrupted by free radicals) may produce inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Studies suggest that the antioxidant effects of curcumin can help fight those free radicals.
  • Improves Digestion
    Curcumin has been shown to calm the digestive system, helping to relieve gas, bloating, and other stomach and bowel issues. It works differently than probiotics or enzymes - naturally soothing the gut, and reducing the overproduction of acid.
  • Support Liver Health
    Your liver plays an important role in stabilizing and balancing the maintenance of your body. The health of your liver can be directly related to oxidative stress and proinflammatory substances. Curcumin may help boost antioxidant defenses to help the liver detoxify and restore balance.
  • Supports Brain Health
    The connection between inflammation and cognitive health cannot be overstated. Neurons are especially susceptible to inflammation and the release of inflammatory compounds in the body can be neurotoxic. Curcumin may help protect those precious brain cells.

Why Our Liquid Curcumin Is The Only Curcumin Supplement You’ll Ever Want To Take

Breakthrough Cutting Edge Technology

Ora Botanicals combines an innovative turmeric extraction technology, a synergistic blend of super foods, and a hybrid polymer micelle micro emulsion with nano technology to deliver all of turmeric’s powerful healing compounds to your body in their most bioavailable form. This powerful combination helps to fight inflammation, increase mental clarity, decrease pain and discomforts while improving overall energy levels, mood, and well being so that you can experience greater health & youthful vitality.

Clean Full Spectrum CO2 Extraction

Stop consuming toxic and synthetic turmeric and curcumin supplements! Our proprietary CO2 extraction produces a cleaner completely full spectrum solution of turmeric alkaloids, just as you would find in raw turmeric root. So, now you wont have to eat dozens of pounds of organic turmeric to get the same benefits and results that one of our bottles can do for you.  

Nano Particles Hybrid Polymer  Micelle  Micro Emulsion Delivery 

In the raw form turmeric’s potent alkaloids are poorly absorbed by the digestive tract. In other curcumin supplements they are rarely absorbed as well. To address this, we pioneered the first truly water-soluble turmeric product. In turn, Ora Botanicals Liquid Curcumin is absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes our Liquid Curcumin 10,000 times more bioavailable, cleaner, and easier for your body to use. Therefore, you get more benefits from our supplement for less cost than any other curcumin or turmeric supplement on the market.


Under normal circumstances, a large portion of the turmeric alkaloids are broken down in the gut before they can be absorbed. Extracted from organic black pepper fruit, piperine inhibits an enzyme in our gut, drastically reducing this premature break down. Studies have shown up to a twenty-fold increase in bioavailability when turmeric is paired with black pepper fruit extract.[8] Giving your body better results!

Powerful Oxidation

Special UV-Blocking Glass Packaging
We refuse to cut corners anywhere! So to prevent oxidation damage to our supplements - which is VERY common with low grade supplement brands causing considerable damage to the contents - we use special UV-blocking glass bottles. The HIGHEST quality protection from oxidation, bar none!

  • Anti-oxidation Airtight Dispenser
  • Protection from Air & UV Light
  • UV Protective Glass

Oxidation Destroys Most Supplements Before They Even Get To Your Home...... 
But Not Ours!

If your Curcumin supplement is not protected from oxidation the contents will be severely degraded. Curcumin is very susceptible to oxidation in two ways:

  • Exposure to Air
  • Exposure to UV Light

Typical supplement plastic bottles are one of the least effective forms of packaging to block UV- light.

A cherry tomato after 7 months exposed to sunlight. What condition would you prefer your supplements to be in?

Description Of "Reliever"

Ora Botanicals Reliever is a liquid curcumin supplement that is water-soluble, easy for your body to absorb into the blood stream, and works. We never use any synthetic ingredients in our products - EVER. Our entire process is gentle and clean from plant to bottle.


  • Absorb More
  • Toxin Free
  • Synergistic Ingredients


Add to a glass of water, juice, latte or smoothie and enjoy!

Filtered Water, Turmeric Extract (4000mg of Curcuminoids), Frankincense, Beta Caryophyllene, Spilanthes, Shikonin, Rosemary, Fulvic Minerals, Black Pepper, Pineapple Extract, Lime, Limonene, Monk Fruit Juice, Green Tea Extract, Spices


​Customer stories

​Jane Doe - CEO of ACME

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​Jane Doe - CEO of ACME

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​Jane Doe - CEO of ACME

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Get Relief For Less Than One Coffee A Day 

The Curcumin powder used in most tablets and capsules is not water-soluble. It's contaminated with toxins and the particles are thousands times larger than the the tiny holes they must pass through to get from your digestive system into your blood. Imagine trying to get a car to pass through a keyhole!

If you have tried Curcumin powders and capsules but weren’t impressed with the you know why!

This highly absorbable,water-soluble curcumin supplement is a STANDOUT PRODUCT which gets to where its needed in your body - fast. It's 100% clean, full spectrum and potent.

Being new to the market in 2019, we're offering an introductory price to get you on your path to better health. We're confident of the health benefits you'll achieve... so you will want to spread the word for others to benefit too!

60 Day Empty Bottle Results Guarantee

Get Ora Botanicals Liquid Curcumin Today And If It Doesn't Work For You Within 60 Days, Send The Bottle Back Empty & Get A Complete 100% Refund. Our Goal Is To To Help As Many People As Possible Get The Powerful Benefits That Curcumin Provides And So If Our's Curcumin Doesn't Help You, You Don't Pay.

- Our Promise Of Healthy Excellence To You -

That Means No Compromises Ever.
Top Of The Line Product, Bottle, Packaging, & Manufacturing.
Free From: GMO’s, Pesticides, Wheat, Gluten, Corn, Lactose & Soy.
Our Mission Is To Help People Around The World Feel Their Best Every Day.

What's A Body That Feels Good Worth To You? 

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Your Future Self Will Be Forever Grateful...
Results Guaranteed!

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